Dr. Warren Harlan Charleston


Dr. Warren Harlan Charleston was born August 25, 1971 to Warren Harley Charleston and Peggy Parthum in Beaumont, TX.

Harlan was a caring father, husband, and doctor. He put all his love and energy into everything he did. He loved to research the best solutions to any problem and help others the best he could. When his family or friends needed support, he helped them. He loved to goof around and prank those around him too—giving him a reputation for being a lovable a-hole. He was awesome.

On November 6, 2020, Harlan left this world. He is survived by his parents Warren Harley and Lavonda Charleston and Peggy and Larry Parthum, his beloved wife Celicia Charleston, his children Tiffany and Holden Charleston, his siblings Tina Platt, Kris Charleston and John Marcus Poole, and numerous other relatives and friends.