Spot and stalk on the Rocker B

From the high plateau we could look back down the limestone ranch road that we had just traveled a hundred feet below. It was a perfect vantage point to glass the mesquite covered valley that stretched away toward the dry river bed a mile or more away.


Scattered among the mesquite thickets were small half acre plots of low grass and other vegetation barely able to hang on in the rocky West Texas soil. As the deer moved through the mesquite they would become visible in these small openings. Right away we began spotting them; at first a couple of does, then a yearling with a doe, and then a nice big eight-point.


The longer we watched the more deer we saw. About eight hundred yards out we saw two tenpoint bucks, either of which were much larger than any buck that I had ever taken. To say that my buddy Mike Rachal and I were excited would be a gross understatement.



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