The Brady, Texas dove hunt adventure

By Capt. Bill Watkins

When we left the Holiday Inn Express in Brady Texas it was still dark but there was a faint orange hue in the east letting us know that daybreak was soon coming. My son William and I were the last vehicle in a five-truck caravan. We turned on to a farm to market highway headed west from the down town area of Brady and tried our best to follow. Whoever was in the lead vehicle must have been worried about missing shooting time because after we made the first turn out of town the taillights of the truck ahead of us were far down the highway. Not knowing where we were going I was a little concerned about losing sight of the others so I kicked my truck into hyper bunny and flew down the narrow, twisting Central Texas hill country highway. The taillights were never close even though I was at times exceeding seventy mph. William, who is not a bit afraid of driving fast, said, “Do these guys know how many deer are in this country”? At any moment, I expected to top one of the many tall hills and find a small group of crazy wild whitetail deer darting into the headlights.

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