Hunt in the high Rockies continued

By Capt. Bill Watkins 

Our outfitter left in a hurry and his taillights disappeared quickly in the falling snow. Why not? He had already been paid and there were other hunters to pull out of the blizzard. We were now on our own. My friend Howard Simon had hunted in the high Rockies a couple of times and was an incredibly accomplished outdoorsman so I wasn’t too concerned about getting back out of the mountains. What did bother me was that we were in a two wheel drive van with no snow tires and no chains. I had been around some in ice and snow driving conditions and knew that the forestry road would present some challenges. We were soon to find out that we were totally unprepared for what we had to face. Being snowed in in the mountains in a drop camp was tame in comparison to what was coming next.

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