Not everyone may vote by mail in July election

Not everyone may vote by mail in July election

Due to ongoing Federal and State litigation on the Texas Legislatures established criteria to be eligible for to vote by mail, the long standing legislative rules on who may absentee vote remain in place for the upcoming July 14 th , 2020 Primary Runoff Election.

If you are thinking about making an Application for a Ballot by Mail in order to avoid Coronavirus exposure from strangers at your polling place during the July 14, 2020 Democratic Primary Runoff Election or the Republican Primary Runoff Election, think again. Unless you are sixty-five years-old, or sick or disabled, or are confined to jail, or you will be traveling outside of Orange County on Election Day (July 14, 2020) and that travel outside of the county will begin before the Early Voting Period of June 29 th , 2020 through July 10 th , 2020, you are not eligible to receive a Vote By Mail ballot for the Primary Runoff Elections.

That is right. Unlike several other states in the U.S. that have opened up their polling process to allow anyone to vote using a mail-in ballot, the State of Texas has not offered a carte blanche or free rein to every voter in the state to apply for an Application for Ballot By Mail (ABBM). According to Orange County Elections Administrator, Tina Barrow, several Orange County Voters who do not meet the State of Texas criteria to be eligible to Vote by Mail have called her office to request an Application for Ballot By Mail, only to be turned down by Elections Administration personnel.






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