Game Warden Field Notes

The following items are compiled from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s law enforcement reports.

Guided by Gobbledygook

Around 11 p.m., Schleicher County dispatch contacted a local game warden about a 911 call from two lost turkey hunters who stayed out too late and couldn’t find their vehicle. The warden called the hunter’s cell phone trying to find their location, but they were in a ranch they didn’t know the name or location of and were shown where to park by an out of town guide that was paid in cash and whose first name was all they knew. Due to poor cell service, the call was dropped so the warden texted them asking them to drop a pin of their location and call him back. The warden and two Schleicher County Deputies responded to the location where the 911 call was made, but the hunters had left. They turned on their emergency lights and sirens hoping to reach the hunters through the PA speakers. At 12:45 a.m., the hunters found cell service and called back. Their guide sent the pair a pin of his location and told them to walk to him. This pin was in the opposite direction of law enforcement and four miles away through three additional ranches. The warden confirmed that the hunters could hear the sirens and told them to walk to his location. Around 2 a.m., two very tired and dehydrated turkey hunters emerged from the woods and were given water. The hunters described the road they drove to the ranch they were hunting on and found out the ranch they were currently on was not where the hunt started. The hunters went through the unlocked, shared neighboring gate thinking it was a pasture gate. The hunters finally contacted their guide who was driving every county road and highway in the area and not at the location of his dropped pin. The warden coordinated with the guide to pick an intersection for them to meet and the hunters were dropped off with the guide around 3 a.m. One citation for no hunting license was issued and strong encouragement to learn the full names of guides and precise locations of any future hunt.






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