Vidorian moves into her new home

Vidorian moves into her new home

Mrs. Bobby Block (seated) accepts the keys to her brand new house from Tim Slagel of Harvest Call Ministries whose volunteers demolished her old home and built her new home complete with furnishings. Photo by George Garza

Vidorian moves into her new home

Volunteers from Harvest Call Ministries of Indiana totally demolished and hauled off a Harvey flood damaged home in the 2700 block of Carabelle, off F.M. 1131 in north Vidor and built in its place this brand new two-bedroom/one bath home for Mrs. Bobby Block who moved in last Friday. Photo by George Garza

A Lakeview area Vidor woman is sleeping in a brand new bed inside of her brand new home, tonight. Ms. Bobby Block accepted the keys to her brand new two bedroom home last week on Friday from representatives of Harvest Call, IConnect Outreach and Orange County Disaster Rebuild as her friends and family gathered around her to help welcome her into her new home.

“Her home was a complete loss,” said Michelle Tubbleville, Director of Orange County Disaster rebuild. “She didn’t have any water and her septic system was destroyed. The water was waist deep in her house and she has been without a home of her own for more than two years. She had no means of trying to rebuild. She had no financial resources and, as we all know FEMA grants are not going to make you whole.”

Mrs. Block, who is 85-yearsold had been staying with fam ily members while they searched for ways of repairing or rebuild ing her flood destroyed home. Orange County Precinct #4 Commissioner Robert Viator knows the family and tells us a little of their journey.


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