More than 9,000 voters cast early ballots this election

More than 9,000 voters cast early ballots this election

A voter arrives at the joint Voter Precincts 19/34 polling place shortly after the polls opened on Election Day. A polling place worker greeted this voter as she prepared to cast her ballot in the 2020 Orange County Primary Election. Photo by George Garza

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This young couple arrives at the Pine Forest Baptist Church Gymnasium on Texas Primary Election Day to mark their ballot with their choice of candidates for nomination. Early morning turnout at Precinct 17 was sparse but steady. Photo by George Garza

Although the results of yesterday’s Texas 2020 Republican Primary and the Texas 2020 Democratic Primary had not yet been collected and tabulated when this article was being printed on Tuesday, it appears that there was a lot of voter interest in at least one of those two primary elections this year.

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