Forgotten heroes of the Korean War

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Texas History

A 20 year old corporal from Fort Hancock sacrificed his life on the night of Sep. 6-7, 1952 and became the fourth native Texan to earn the Medal of Honor in the Korean War.

Secretary of State Dean Acheson told a congressional committee on Jun. 20, 1950 that, alarming rumors to the contrary, military conflict in Korea was not imminent. Five days later, the well-equipped North invaded the unprepared South.

Under the banner of the new United Nations, the U.S. and 15 other countries rushed to the aid of the South Koreans. At the peak of the fighting, 1.1 million UN troops (480,000 Americans, 590,000 South Koreans and 39,000 from the supporting cast) faced a North Korean Army a quarter of a million strong backed by 780,000 Chinese “volunteers.”



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