City to consider changes to firearms ordinance

Vidor City Council will hold a public hearing Thursday before considering changes to a pair of city ordinances regulating the discharge of firearms and shooting galleries that could allow the opening of an airsoft field adjacent to the youth baseball fields on old Highway 90..

Earlier this year, Vidor City Council was approached about plans to open an airsoft at that location, but before any city council action was taken, it was noted that city ordinances prohibits the discharge of firearms within the city. The ordinance also prohibits the discharge of crossbows, pellet or BB guns and most anything that discharges a projectile using gunpowder, compressed air while another ordinance regulates shooting galleries and outdoor ranges.

One ordinance under consideration for amendments, Sec. 46-31. - Discharging weapon, states: It shall be unlawful for any person to shoot, discharge or cause to be discharged any gun, rifle, pistol, crossbow, or other firearm of any description, or instrument, by whatever name known, that by means of compressed air or compressed gas is capable of shooting or discharging any object, missile or projectile at a velocity of sufficient force to cause damage to any person, animal or property.

Another ordinance considered for amendment, Business Chapter 14 Article VIII, regulates shooting galleries and indoor and outdoor ranges and specifies safety requirements and construction materials, permissions and permitting procedures.



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