Machine marking ballots went smoothly

The May 4th Municipal and School Board elections are over, the ballots have been counted and the final tallies of votes have been canvassed by a number of government entities holding those elections. But one important relevant issue in all of the election races has not been reported. The May 4th Election, the first election where all Orange County electing entities required their voters to cast their ballots using electronic voting machines, went fairly smoothly.

Nearly 7,000 ballots were cast in seven local elections, almost all of which were marked by the new Orange County Express Vote ballot marking machine either at the early voting polling places or at the Election Day polling places. Of those machine marked ballots, none were rejected by ballot counting machines as provisional votes due to indecipherable ballot marking. Normally, the ballot reading and counting machine reject a number of ballots during each election that have to be set aside as provisional votes in order to be hand examined by voting judges during the week after the polls close. If the judges can make a positive determination of what each voter intended to mark on their ballot then that vote is counted.



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