Using swim noodles for catfish

Fishing and Hunting Southeast Texas

As I pitched the last swim noodle float over the side of the boat my Friend Wayne Thomas turned the boat around so that we could see all the way back down our set. The first noodle was about three hundred yards back to the west and all thirty or so of the others floated on their side in an irregular pattern just off the edge of the flooded timber. The only movement in the floats was caused by the gentle easterly breeze. “Wonder if we picked the right spot”, I said, mostly talking to myself. Just then the fifth swim noodle. Stood straight up on end and bobbed up and down in the water. “Fish on”, Wayne said.

The noodle started to move slowly down the line of flooded brush and trees and then stopped and lay flat again. By then Wayne had started the boat toward the float at medium idle speed. As we neared the noodle, it sprang to life and started bobbing and moving away from the boat and into the flooded trees. The fish probably thought it had found safety from the approaching noise but it had not been able to drag the noodle through the brush. Wayne has a homemade boat hook on a light weight PVC pipe and Donnie Surat, the other member of our crew hooked the noodle and then pulled the fish, hand over hand, to the boat and then heaved the two-pound channel cat over the side into the boat.


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