Vidor Police car reminds us about breast cancer

Vidorian/George Garza

This Vidor Police Department patrol car has all of its exterior graphics and lettering in a pink color rather than in black. The pink lettering is there to remind the community that breast cancer is a deadly disease and that early detection can often halt its progression.

Patrolling for a Cure

Don’t be surprised if you see a Vidor Police Department patrol car painted with pink lettering rather than black graphics. The Vidor Police Department “Breast Cancer Awareness” patrol car has taken to the streets of the city to catch criminals, stop speeders, investigate crimes and promote the concept that breast cancer in our city affects almost everyone and everyone should know what it takes to save your loved one’s lift.

The white Dodge Charger Patrol car has all of usual police vehicle graphics including “911” “Vidor Police” “Protect and Serve” and “In God we Trust”. But those graphics are all done in a pink color. In addition to the pink graphics the patrol car has two large pink ribbon graphics, one on its hood and one on its rear windshield, that each have the words “VIDOR PD PATROLLING FOR A CAUSE”.

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