Veteran cop wins promotion to Captain

By George Garza


Vidor police officer with thirty-eight years of experience is now a police department Captain, sharing the highest tier of police rank under the Vidor Police Chief. Former police Sergeant Aleta Cappen was pinned with captain’s bars belonging to her firefighter son during a ceremony in Vidor City Hall on Tuesday.

“We tried to reorganize our organizational chart,” said Vidor Police Chief Rod Carroll. “Instead of it being straight up and down with the Police Chief at the top and a lieutenant under the Chief, we took that lieutenant’s position and made it into a captain’s position and we took one sergeant’s position, for community service and emergency management, and gave it greater responsibilities and made that into a captain as well. This promotion for Captain Cappen is well deserved, especially given her performance during and following Hurricane Ike. And not only that but everything she brings to the department in terms of the history of the department and why things are the way they are.



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