A good red fish bite on Sabine Lake makes a good day

By Capt. Bill Watkins

The alarm clock was beeping. It sounded as if it were far away but getting ever closer. As I awakened I heard a young man’s voice saying, “You are not going fishing today”. Still groggy, I wondered who said that. It is crazy how dreams are and there is no explaining most of them. Oh well, there was no time to dwell on it because that day was a fishing day and I had to get dressed and moving. I will have to admit though that I was really careful driving to Sabine lake. After arriving at the ramp and launching the boat I thought of the voice again. “Well, I made it this far”, I thought to myself. Nine miles latter I pulled the boat up to our first fishing spot and dropped the Power Pole anchor in the mud. No one was ready to cast but me. So, I decided that I would make the first cast.

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