Rose City pressurizes water system

Please don’t open your water meter valve, yet!

By George Garza

The Rose City Water Plant is very near to being able providing running water to its customers. In fact, there is a possibility that customers could receive notice to open their water meter valve within the next five days, if not sooner. It could take another two to four days after the water starts running again before it is certified as safe for human consumption, but customers can boil the non-potable water in order to make it safe for drinking in the meantime.

Last Friday, The Vidor Vidorian reported that running water might be available to customers of the Rose City Water System by the middle of this week. Unfortunately, that deadline was missed because a number the system’s water customers had opened their water meter valves before the water plant operators had completed pressurizing the distribution system, checking for leaks and had flushed out all of the water lines.

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