Lowering trout limits on the upper Texas coast

By Capt. Bill Watkins

Spotted sea trout are a very prolific species. One of the reasons for this is their ability to reproduce in vast numbers. Their egg sacks are large for their size and the eggs are very tiny. I am not sure how many individual eggs are in a fifteen-inch female trout but it has to be several thousand. Add that to the fact that sea trout, alias “speckled trout”, have a spawning season that runs roughly from May through August on the upper Texas Coast and in Western Louisiana. To spawn successfully speckled trout must have the proper mix of fresh to salt water and the proper water temperature. During a fourmonth period there will almost always be the right mix of those factors at some point and at least some of the trout will have a successful spawn. Right now, it is Early August and we are still catching female specks that are carrying egg sacks full of eggs and many that are partially spawned out.

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