Coral snakes are colorful, quick and deadly

By Capt. Bill Watkins

We had just experienced one of those summer monsoon rains that we are used to around here and it was still sprinkling. It was late afternoon and I still had time to run out to my small blueberry orchard and gather a small bucket full of those sweet berries. Water was still running off of the lawn and standing in all of the low places. Usually, when I go through the back door my grandson Levi jumps up and follows me to see what interesting thing I might be about to do. This time was no exception and as I exited he almost ran me over following. Not being one to follow he left the porch just the same time that I did and we squished through the flooded grass side by side. I had on my open sided fishing shoes and he was, as was usual for him, bare foot.

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