Death of the old gray horse

By Capt. Bill Watkins

The two young men walked quietly through the ink black, moonless night shining their one headlight slowly from side to side. Both were veterans of World War II and had only been home from that war for about eight years. Neither of these experienced hunters had had much experience with hunting deer because prior to the war there were very few deer in the eastern part of Texas. I know for a fact that neither one had ever seen a deer in the wild at that time and both had grown up in the Southeast Texas woods. Meat was plentiful in the stores but money was not so these two nimrods were out to get some much-needed protein for their growing families. Of course, it was illegal to hunt deer at night even in 1953 but hunger will make a man do things that he otherwise might not.

They only had one gun between them, a Winchester Model 12 pump action twelve-gauge shotgun. It was an unusual shotgun.

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