Delinquent taxpayers exposed

By George Garza

The law firm hired by all Orange County taxing entities to take legal actions against citizens who owe them back taxes has released the names and the amounts of back taxes, penalties and interest owed of a very small number of the County’s delinquent taxpayers that are published below.


Below you will find some one hundred plus names of the County’s delinquent taxpayers out of the total seven thousand plus people and businesses that owe overdue taxes that you have already paid. According to attorney Steve Bird with Linebarger, Goggan, Blair & Sampson, L.L.P.,_Attorneys at Law with offices in Orange, Beaumont and Austin, TX, the list below includes the name of the assessed party as well as the total tax amount currently shown to be due to all of the impacted Orange County taxing jurisdictions.


The amount due not only includes the original base tax assessed against the property but it also includes all penalties, interest and attorney fees due through July 14, 2017. Additional fees will accrue for each additional month these taxes remain unpaid. The law firm hired to collect delinquent taxes in Orange County stated that while this list only includes a random, partial listing of delinquent taxpayers, subsequent lists would include additional delinquent accounts.


“We felt like we needed to break the list into segments because to publish the entire list of delinquent taxpayers would be too extensive,” said Mr. Bird. “We also wanted to encourage those not appearing on the list to come in and pay before their name does appear.”




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