City asking for citizen’s input, give it to them

By Randall Luker


It’s your town and your opinion matters. That’s the message Vidor City Council wants to send to residents as major decisions about Vidor’s future are being decided. Major issues that can affect every resident are in being discussed now and the time to “put in your two cents worth” is now, in the formative stage, not after everything is said and done. It is easy to sit back and gripe about something you don’t like, but if you were asked what you thought and offered nothing it’s best to remain silent. If your opinion was worth so little to you to not speak up when it was actively being sought, it certainly is not worth more after something is adopted and you don’t like the result.


Twice a month, Vidor City Council meets at city hall to make decisions about governing the city. Not always, but often enough, those decisions have long lasting effects such as the major issue facing council currently– zoning. How restrictive or lenient will it be? Will whatever ordinance the Planning and Zoning Commission presents to council be a good fit for Vidor? Will the citizens revolt and overturn it through another election?



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