Spring flounder run on Sabine Lake

By Capt. Bill Watkins


They’re back! The spring flounder run is on. Of course, many of them never left. We have been catching a few of them right through the winter near or in bayous, in passes, the ship channel, ICW, and rivers. Occasionally we even catch a few in the middle or deeper regions of Sabine Lake. In other words, wherever there is deeper water. Flounder have to go to the deeper waters of the Gulf of Mexico to spawn but I believe that some of them actually spawn in the ship channel where there is sufficient depth and salinity. Of course, I can’t prove that but it is my theory for what that is worth. Most flounder that do leave have moved into the Gulf by Christmas. Those that do go into the Gulf don’t stay out there very long. They get their business done and begin to move back into the passes and bays as early as Valentine’s day if the water warms sufficiently. Winter this year has definitely been a warm winter and the flounder are showing back up right on schedule. The normal water temperature for Sabine Lake through the winter is 53 to 58 degrees. It has been closer to 55 to 70 degrees this winter and is right now hovering around 65.



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