Stick with what you know, but don’t be afraid to try new things

Once I find something that works for me I tend to go to seed on it. The brand and type of monofilament fishing line that I use is a case in point. For at least twenty-five years I have favored XT Trylene line over all others. Back in my early tournament days I was  still experimenting with mono lines. I tried quite a few and had various  degrees of success but once I tried XT Trylene (extra tough) I ended my search. XT is very abrasive resistant, casts well on any of the bait casting reels that I have used and is dependable. Trylene  also makes other mono lines such as XL and Big Game. Both of these are good but the XL while excellent for casting is not as abrasive resistant as XT and the Big Game was too stretchy for driving a hook through a plastic worm into the tough mouth of a black  bass. It depends upon which species of fish and the reel to be used to determine which line is best.

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