New Hats

Tuesday, February 24, 2015 was a very cold day. The students in Mrs. Roche’s Kindergarten class at Pine Forest Elementary in Vidor stayed warm despite the cold. Student, Jasper Long’s great-grandmother lovingly handmade each student a hat to keep each child warm. The students were overjoyed by this random act of kindness. Everyone left with a warm body and warm heart! Students, top to bottom, left to right, are Dakota Jaquay, Billy Burgin, Kayden Zinn, Landon Wilkinson, Brice Lentsch, Abby Maxam, Keith Watkins, Caden Bunner, Weston Chesser, and Jyllian Green; Jayden Boyett, Kylee Daniel, Paislee Miller, Addison Garcia, Jasper Long, Alyssa Korman, Kyra Sims, and Hannah Lormand.

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