Outstanding warrant? Pay up by Friday or go to jail Saturday

Warrant Roundup

Orange County Constables warn that if you have an outstanding J.P. Court misdemeanor warrant, you have until Friday, March 6th, to take care of the fine on that warrant or face going to jail.


The four Orange County Constables announced on Monday morning that citizens of the County that have outstanding misdemeanor arrest warrants have until close of business on Friday, March 6th to make arrangements to take care of those warrants or face going to jail on Saturday, March 7th.

Orange County Constables Weldon Peveto, Chris Humble, David Cagle and Mark Philpott are participating in the 2015 Great Texas Warrant Roundup in their efforts to clear up the backlog of outstanding warrant cases issued through the Orange County Justice of the Peace Courts.

In Orange County Constables Peveto, Humble, Cagle and Philpott say that individuals who have unpaid fines related to class “C” misdemeanor violations such as hot checks, traffic violations, truancies and any other class “C” misdemeanor warrants will have from now until March 6th to submit payment under a pre-roundup grace period.  After that date all four Constable offices will take aggressive action to locate offenders.

During this grace period, individuals with outstanding warrants are encouraged to go to their local Justice of the Peace office and pay their fines.  Payments are accepted in cash, credit card or money orders.  Any restitution due from hot check warrants will have to be made in the form of a money order.

For those who ignore their warrants or the grace period, Orange County Constables and their deputies will begin knocking on doors beginning on March 7th in an attempt to serve those outstanding warrants.  Individuals who are arrested will be taken to the Orange County Jail and booked on the outstanding warrants.

The Precinct #4 Justice of the Peace Court at 190 Camp Street in Vidor is open each weekday from 8:00 a.m. until noon and from 1:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. each day.  You can call the Precinct #4 J.P. Court at (409) 759-2284.

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