Gruber should apologize for actions, not words

Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber is awesome. Americans suffering from Obamacare don’t owe him forgiveness for his words. We owe him gratitude. Sometimes it is not the thought that counts most. It is the result. Gruber spent much of a four-hour congressional hearing Tuesday delivering a dramatic, unconditional apology that will go down in history. The MIT economist regrets insulting others to make himself look smarter. He apologized for calling Americans stupid during multiple lectures he never expected would show up on YouTube. He is sorry for being “arrogant” and “glib.” He is sorry for boasting about an intentional “lack of transparency” to obscure the true toll Obamacare would take on some Americans. He apologized for revealing that few would have accepted the law, had they known the truth. He really took one for the old team.

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